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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lee Miller

I couldn't write about the Surrealist exhibition in Chichester without giving a nod to Lee Miller. The exhibition had the compulsory Dali lobster telephones and Magritte paintings but Miller was another fascinating woman that deserves a mention. Not only was she a beautiful woman but also a talented photographer and fearless when it came to her war photography. You can read a little about her life here in the Columbia Magazine.

PS I had to remove two of the images on this posting as I'd failed to notice that they were copyright. One was of Lee Miller sneaking a bath in Hitler's apartment after the fall of Berlin. The other, probably my favourite is one that Miller took of Eileen Agar at the Brighton Pavilion in 1937. I'm usually so careful. You can link to the official Lee Miller website by clicking here.
I definitely recommend trying to catch any exhibitions of her work.

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