Since I was a little girl I've been making dens....and don't think I'll ever stop..........

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Getting Ready for Artweeks

Satisfaction! Sixteen new pieces of artwork, mounted, framed, priced and named all ready for Artweeks......well not all named......but they soon will be.

Just mobiles to make and I'll be ready. Well mobiles to make and four huge trellis panels to paint and cakes to bake and hors d'oevres to make and labels to print.....and then I'll be ready!


  1. They look great spread out on your bed. I wish you all the best for the exhibition.

    We hung ours yesterday in readiness for the preview party on Friday.

  2. Oh thank you Lorna, you too.

    It sounds like you're much more organized than me and well ahead with your preparations.

    Have fun.

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