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Sunday 25 April 2010

Rearranging Formulae - Unwrapping Books

Another exhibition that I almost missed was Rearranging Formulae: Unwrapping Books at the 03 Gallery at the Oxford Castle. I can't believe it'd been on for almost a whole month and I didn't even realise.

The concept of the exhibition was fascinating. Science and Maths books were selected and donated by the Oxford University Press, each was given a number and then a draw taken to allocate them to 27 different artists. The books were then wrapped and given to the artists who responded with a piece of work.

The work was really diverse. I've posted images of the ones that caught my attention the most.

I was drawn to Marine Ecology by Nichola Nixon, probably something to do with my love of ephemera...

Amazing forensic looking installation by Elain Le Corre entitled Lab

I loved that a piece of music was composed in response to the production of this little bar code rug. Which you could hear by cranking a handle.

I was drawn to the installation below by Annabel Ralphs entitled 'a diagram is not a proof?' I'm not sure exactly what it was that made me spend so much time with this piece, something about the order and tidiness of the work.

Kate Hammersley's I just, was a clever play on The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkings.

But the piece that held my attention the most was The Durds, created by Felicity Shillingford, Daniel Cray, Janet Griffiths and Michael Parker.

To begin with the actual piece of work looked like a cross between something out of Wallace and Grommit and a Heath Robinson creation. I especially loved the feet made from wooden shoe stretchers........(something I have a bit of a weekness for myself)

The outter case topped with white fake fur was tactile and I just loved the little blue legs. The video was amusing and I even loved the graphics on the covers of the accompanying LP soundtrack.

It's a shame the exhibition is over because I'd love another look......But it will be going on to the Oxford University Press in October.

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