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Sunday 18 July 2010

Painting in Mughal India - The Ashmolean

I still haven't managed to get to see Royal Elephants from Mughal India, paintings and drawings from the collection of Sir Howard Hodgkin. Hopefully next week. I did have a quick look around the room of paintings from Mughal India in the permanent collection a couple of weeks ago, on a flying visit.....but as I was short of time decided to return when I can enjoy the exhibition at my leisure.

I do have problems spelling Mughal correctly. It's amazing the way language evolves so quickly....I can't say the words 'Mughal India' without thinking about Harry Potter!

But I digress - I'm always attracted to this type of Indian painting and miniatures. I think that's probably because of some of the similarities with Persian miniature painting that has influence my own work. I like the simplicity of the line drawings and the flat two dimensional aspect and introduction of patterns into the paintings. It's just a shame these are really bad photographs.

I just love this goat or deer, it looks so much like a contemporary graphic design.

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