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Friday 16 July 2010

Doodlezine Issue 4

I've just discovered that Doodlezine 4 is ready. It's a lovely handmade zine created by my clever niece Abi Whitehouse and Desdemona McCannon who are both illustrators.

The current limited edition issue of just one hundred copies has doodles by the following artists:
Gary Goodman
Stephen Fowler
Nikki Pinder
Alain Valet
Seb Cazes
Cynthia Lim
Saga Bergebo
Louise Norman
Michele Guidarini
Caroline Panico
Louis Michel (Masai)
Martyn Fox
Jahan Gerrard
Laura Alvarez
Ben Carr
Parvinder Sondhi
John Vernon Lord
Isaac Whitehouse
Ruby Bradshaw
Emma Carlisle

You can find out more at

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