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Friday, 27 August 2010

Surreal Friends - Kati Horna

Kati Horna

Hungarian photographer, Kati Horna was one of the three artists whose work was on show in the Surreal Friends exhibition. You can read the gallery's short biography of her life and work here. It would appear that not only did all three artist's have fulfilling practices as artists but also time for very romantic and often intriguing personal lives too. This recent article in theIndependent discusses Horna's secret relationship with war photographer Robert Capa who she had known since she was seventeen.

Possibly Horna's work was the highlight of this exhibition for me. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find images of my favourite pieces and was only allowed to take a couple of photo's for my own research purposes. Although I do love the top photo of the little girl's face, my favourite pieces were photo montages. One that stood out consisting of a small boat, which I think is possibleythe one in the photograph below of the child in a boat. This was obviously taken in her studio and I presume for the purpose of the montage. It also involved a dilapidated tower building which reminds me of the work of a Japanese artist that I'll look at soon. The composition was beautiful. Although it's obvious that Horna used the most advanced photographic techniques she had to hand at the time, like double exposure etc. I'm sure that these montages are actually cut-out and pasted together. They couldn't help but remind me a little of the work of contemporary artist Agnes Montgomery, who also uses this technique. You can link to some examples of Montgomery's work here.


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