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Monday 12 July 2010

Buckminster Fuller

'How often I found out where I should be going only by setting off for somewhere else.'

Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome

I'm fascinated in finding out as much as I can about Richard Buckminster Fuller. Such an amazing man....beginning with his surname....don't you just love it? The more I read about him the more I go off on tangents to discover what a Buckelapothekar or Froebelian Kindergarten is!

Thank goodness for wikipedia to at least set me on the right path however questionable it's authenticity.

However the more I read of Buckminster Fuller the more I'm intrigued and impressed and want to find out even more....I'll certainly be doing some more research.

I just wish I could have seen this exhibition.


  1. What an intriguing fellow. That Whitney show looks great. They probably had a great catalogue.

  2. I know...he's getting to be another hero...I seem to be collecting quite a few. I just want to keep reading about him....