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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

kipperbone launch and 20% discount offer

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I'm very excited to announce the birth of kipperbone, my vintage Etsy shop. I've been searching for small preloved things for a little while now. I've taken time to research and date them. Been careful to price things fairly and apply the correct postage and packaging rates.

At last it's up and running. There are only thirty-one items on sale so far, but bit-by-bit I'll add to it. There will be a section for handmade things too and eventually some of my artwork.

As a special opening offer to anyone following one of my blogs: Cooking up a storm in a teacup, this one or wigwam I'm offering a 20% discount for the first month. If you're interested once you are following me (if your not already) just email me at and I'll email you back the discount code.

Happy browsing...



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