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Friday, 25 June 2010


We were seduced into Bottega on Walton Street, in Jericho the Bohemian quarter of Oxford, last Wednesday evening. We'd actually intended having a coffee at the Albion Beatnik book shop at number 34a just opposite, who I mistakenly thought opened until late every evening. They actually open late from Thursday to Saturday (possibly Sunday, I'll definitely check that out) and specialise in 2oth century fiction. It has a really nice atmosphere, is small and quirky with laid-back jazz playing, an old leather sofa and a few small tables painted red where coffee is served. They also have a selection of second hand books in the backroom and plan to open up the basement soon.

As they were closed, we had a little walk whilst deciding what to do next. It didn't take us long because the open door of Bottega, Italian for an artist's shop or studio and suitably named considering the tantalising glimpses of art work decorating the walls, caught our attention. As we peered through the window, dulcet Italian tones invited us in for a glass of wine. We hadn't really intended drinking wine but were introduced to a good selection of fruity alternatives by the amiable proprietor Murizio Luci, who was most warm and welcoming. It was great to sit down by the window in the gentle lighting on a comfortable sofa, having a conversation with my partner, whilst ear-wigging the soft tones of a Latin conversation coming from the bar on a balmy, almost summer evening. It took us back to summer evenings in Florence or Sienna....... mmmmm..........

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