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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In Vogue

All images above credit Tim Walker

Lily Cole and spiral staircase, Whadwan, Gujarat, India, by Tim Walker, 2005

I received an invitation to the preview of the News Speak:Art Now exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea this Friday evening. The invitation was sent to Vogue readers and members of the Gallery. I have a very vivid memory of sitting in the glory-hole (cupboard under the stairs) in my grandparent's house as a little girl, surrounded by copies of Vogue magazine.

They belonged to my aunt. I remember the pile of magazines looked like a mountain to me...In hindsight I realise that was probably because I was so tiny. I spoke to one of my sisters and she had a similar recollection. I remember spending hours looking at the ladies in beautiful dresses.I still get the same thrill. I specially love the styling of Italian Vogue and usually get a copy in the summer if we're on holiday there. I love this black and white shot of Laura Stone by Paulo Roversi. You can see more here.I also love the exotic 1920's covers, this one just makes me want to go and get my paintbox out, I have a real thing about drawn swathes of fabric. You can see more like this if you'd like to check here.

But the crown for creativity and sense of fun, whilst at the same time making women look the most amazingly sophisticated and beautiful creatures imaginable, has to go to Norman Parkinson whose images never seem to go out of fashion.

With close second my favourite contemporary fashion photographer Tim Walker.

.....and will I be going to the exhibition? ....unfortunately not, I'll have to miss out on the free glass of bubbly as I haven't got a thing to wear........

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