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Sunday 5 September 2010

CSN Review

Isn't it beautiful. My new black Emile Henry Flame tagine from CSN. You may remember that they asked me to do a review for them a couple of weeks ago.

As with the Surreal friends I'm inclined to think that there is definitely a link between cookery and artistic creativity. So it's not surprising that I chose an item destined for the kitchen to review. It was a big toss up between this and wall lights for the living room. I spent indulgent hours pouring over the lighting selection, which as with all their sites is really varied and user friendly. But eventually chose this tagine.

Despite it being a bank holiday when I put the order in it arrived within a couple of days. All packed up in three boxes with tons of bubble wrap. It was just like Christmas. Fortunately my daughter was off to uni and moving into a new house the following day so it all came in use.

I've just got to use it now! Apparently it's a new concept in Tagines and can be used directly on a flame or electric hob, as well as in the oven. I have to season it first by heating it up after covering the base with milk, then it's ready to use. That's the plan for today. If you want you can find out how I get on over here

I'm so happy that CSN asked me to do this review it seems to be a great company, their prices are cheaper than list price. My tagine at £41.99 was £16 cheaper than list price and the delivery was free and really fast.


  1. Nice to meet you Debby. I have enjoyed your blogs. Look at you with a beautiful tagine! I have a tagine too. I visited Morocco in 2008 and was part of a cooking TV programme made there. What an experience that was. i love my red tagine. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will be back!

  2. Thanks Joan. How exciting about visiting Morrocco. The cookery program experience sounds like great fun too. I wonder if you can give me some tips on tagine cookery?

    Will speak soon, Deb