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Wednesday 15 September 2010

Spot Light at Oxford Town Hall

There's a call by OVADA for artists working in new media to produce and show new work that responds to the physical space or history of the Town Hall. Because it's a site specific project the organisers have arranged tours for the artists to view the spaces, before submitting a proposal.

I went yesterday afternoon. It's an amazing building. We viewed ten sites altogether, some massive and opulent others massive but sombre. Like the hall where court scenes for the Lewis (Inspector Morse spin-off) series are filmed, another full of Japanese school children looked like a scene from Harry Potter. Some wooden panelled rooms contained lovely old stone fireplaces and little interesting nooks and crannies. We climbed down to the old cells in the basement to be greeted by a dank metallic smell as we approached the small dark tiled rooms. They were very atmospheric.

It was a great afternoon and chance to catch up with some friends, take lots of photo's and conjure up ideas for potential projects for the spaces. Exciting prospect.....


  1. 'tis a pity there is no payment though?

  2. Exactly. I've just been having the same discussion with someone else today Lorna.