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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Falling Cloudberries

At last I've got a little bit of time to play with some of my Christmas gifts. Everyone who really knows me, knows my passion for cooking and that I can't have enough recipe books. I was really pleased to get three this year. Last year one of my favourites was Tessa Kiros's beautiful book Apples for Jam. Even if you don't cook, it's just an amazing book that seems to evoke memories of a happy childhood, complete with childish drawings that you'd stick on the fridge door, family tales and musings. It's so colourful, that even the recipes are divided up that way.

I was really pleased to be given another of Tessa's books, Falling Cloudberries, this year. Once again it has that lovely wholesome family feeling. This time she emphasizes the diversity of her family and upbringing, introducing recipes and tales from her multicultural heritage. Reading her book has encouraged me to do the same and share some of the Persian recipes that I've learnt at the elbow of my husband's friends and relatives.

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