Since I was a little girl I've been making dens....and don't think I'll ever stop..........

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Submissions for 2010 Little Women Exhibition, 'Made to Fit'

I've just completed four small pieces to submit to the annual Little Women Exhibition in Hampshire. This year it's entitled 'Made to Fit.' When I say little....I really mean little.....they have to be small enough to fit into a CD case! It sounds a weird concept but amazingly it works ......I shouldn't be surprised cos besides a CD that's what they are made to hold....a piece of art work!

I've incorporated some 18th century French handwriting on lovely tissuey paper into one of the pieces this time. I knew that it would be useful for something when I bought it from Oxford Antique Market a few months ago......

Last year I was fortunate to have two pieces accepted as they had an overwhelming response with submissions from all over the world. It was beautifully curated even though at the last minute the planned venue was cancelled. Renovation work on the building wasn't completed in time for the show and so an alternative had to be found. Hope I'm lucky enough to get in this time. I've posted the images below. The pieces I had accepted are the two on the top left hand side on the top photograph.

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