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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cogwheel Dogs at the O3 Gallery

This Thursday sees the launch of the O3 Gallery's new events programme:'Alternative Thursdays' - A series of gallery gigs, artists talks, art-jewellery celebrations and spoken word readings that will take place from 6pm-8pm, every Thursday that the gallery has an exhibition open (4 weeks out of every 5). We kick-start the programme with a gallery gig featuring local band the Cogwheel Dogs.

COGWHEEL DOGS is a guitar / cello / vocals duo doing its utmost to sound nothing like a guitar / cello / vocals duo. Combining the energy of punk with an experimental attitude to sound and arrangement – but retaining a folk-like melodic backbone. Based in Oxford, Cogwheel Dogs have been playing together since some time in 2005. Songs are recorded in a small attic, amidst a mess of wires, canvases, coat-hangers and cobwebs.

Please note there will a small admission charge on the door.

I'm so pleased that 03 are launching this program sounds interesting....


  1. I love the cello, such a wonderful sound.

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