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Thursday 7 January 2010


I know that I'm becoming a snow bore but I promise that this will be the last posting on the subject. It's just that this snow is so different from the few centimetres of snow that we usually get, which stays for one or two days before turning into grey, slushy mush. This is magical snow, it's all fluffy and sparkly, I swear it's got glitter in just keeps glistening..........and everyone is off work. I keep seeing families pass the window carrying cameras with long lenses and children tobogganing down the road, everyone in the village is even more friendly than usual they seem to be finding any excuse to stop and have a chat.....maybe it's just that the Christmas holiday has been extended because the snow has closed everywhere......even the hospital is closed except for emergency operations. Last night it was one degree warmer than the South Pole here in Oxford at minus seventeen degrees centigrade......I wonder how long it will last?

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