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Sunday 24 January 2010

They say that when one door closes that another one opens. Well that seems to be the case when it comes to doors belonging to book shops in Oxford. Which incidentally doesn't have a lack of lovely ones selling both new and old books. You may remember my lament recently over the closure of the local Borders Bookstore. Well we've discovered a new book shop that doesn't have it's own coffee shop or red leather club chairs where you can sit and read to your hearts content but it does sell ridiculously cheap books. Absolutely everything in the shop is an unbelievable two pounds! Book worm heaven....... well poor book worm heaven!

We walked into town on Sunday cos we had a birthday present to buy and on the way treated ourselves to a couple of books in said bookstore. Which I can't remember the name of but is opposite Christ Church on St Aldate's.

I bought The View from Garden City by Carolyn Baugh. It tells the story of a young American student living in the Garden City district of Cairo and details the lives of four generations of mothers and daughters who live there. It sounds really interesting but I plan to read The Archivist's Story first. Travis Holland's first Novel sounds intriguing. It's set in 1939's Moscow choice might be something to do with the current trend for all things Russian in the UK this winter.....or that Dr Zhivago was playing when we got home.....and that A's always being told that he looks like Omar Sharif....mmm

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