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Monday, 4 January 2010

Yesterday morning we awoke at 4am to take the last of our visitors to Heathrow Airport, and then bid them goodbye for a while. Then breakfasted at Cafe Rouge, a Parisian style bar complete with Toulouse Lautrec prints, black and white floor tiles and a faux glass ceiling. That, and the general buzz of the airport, got us wishing that we were boarding a plane to somewhere interesting. Not surprisingly our thoughts went to Italy, a country that even though we love the UK, are both obsessed with.

It's been creeping into my mind quite a bit over the last few days. Maybe something to do with the sunny new year weather, with beautiful blue skies that has put me in a very optomisitic frame of mind for the new decade.

Could also be something to do with the fact, that a couple of nights ago I awoke at 3am disturbed by the full moon, having gone to bed not long before. Being unable to get back to sleep, and anxious not to wake A, or any one else. I decided to go downstairs, curl up on the sofa with a big mug of green Tick Tock tea, and watch the cookery channel. I began to watch Giada's tour of Italy showing some of our favourites haunts, from St Marks Square in Venice, Morano and Florence to Rome.....reminding me how much I miss the place, the people, the hospitality, the food, the fashion, the culture....... I must have dozed off, but awoke a couple of hours later to the dulset tones of Antonio Carluccio....maybe it was all a kind of subliminal messaging making me long to go back, but think it's probably just lots of happy memories.

To satisfy my craving I took out another of my Christmas Gifts 'a little taste of ....italy,' which is not only full of amazing recipes, but also lots of beautiful colour plates. And of course had to reach for 'falling cloudberries' again and check out the section on Italy. Not surprisingly I dished up steaming bowls of spaghetti for tea that night and looked back longingly on our 2008 summer holiday photos..........mmmmm........

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